Need Help Identifying blue tongue skink. Classic Indonesian vs merauke?

Hey everyone!! I have this rescues blue tongue skink! I was told she was an Indonesian. She looks like a classic but also a merauke. She has the black lines in between her head scales which I’m reading is a classic Indonesian trait. Most of her legs are pure black but she has freckles underneath. Her belly is salmon colored through. I think she looks like a classic. Because her legs are mostly black and she has the black lines on her head. She is also shedding which could contribute to her belly color. Any thoughts??


Maybe @thebeardedherper can help? :blush:


So cute!! :heart:

I’m thinking a standard indonesian blue tongue. It’s definitely not a halmahera type and I’m pretty positive it’s not a merauke. When I say standard remember that these guys are pretty variable and it’s not a dig at your bluey lol.
Also could possibly be a key island but not super familiar with those.


Here is my meruake for comparison