Need Help Identifying Boa Morph

Not sure what the morph has some unique colors. Concerned also about the underbelly has a pinkish hue but it sort of blends in with the body and it has the same blushing on the head.


I’d say a normal but I could very well be wrong since I dont speaclize in them. Beautiful either way


Normal Boa imperator.
Pinkish color is polymoprhic and selectively bred for so you have a fun project on your hands if you want. :grinning:

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Awesome! Its a female so I’m definitely looking forward to it!

Any ideas on the origin? I was told it was possibly a central American boa. I tried looking up some similarities. Still searching

Hard to know for sure but when she is older and if she is under about 7 or so feet than she is most likely a dwarf locality of some kind.

Central American

It has features that are reminiscent of central american boa but no one will ever be able to pin down exact locality for you. Most of the boa imperators in the market are mutts at this point so in general if it’s not bought as a specific pure locality then assume it’s a mutt.

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