Need help identifying/Confirming Morphs

I recently obtained a group of 8 smaller ball pythons but 3 look a bit different. All pairings are unknown. Some babies seem to be from different clutches so it’s a bit of a guessing game. I’m not sure if it is the het pied influence but the normal male is significantly darker than the other two.
I also obtained an 800 gram albino male that seems like he may have something else, I’m not sure.
#1. Male normal
#2. Female het pied het albino 50% het clown
#3. Male het pied het albino 50% het clown (has ringers)




All together

Albino Male

Thanks for any help!

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If the 3 of them are unknown pairings, how do you know they’re het for anything? Is that what they were labeled as?
You’re probably going to want to have the sheds tested to figure that all out. Het markers are neat, but not guaranteed proof.

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It was group of 8 sold together.
lesser leopard blade het clown female
het pied het albino 50% Het clown female
pastel leopard het clown female
normal male
het pied het albino 50% het clown male
ghi male
pastel het clown female
leopard het clown female

It does not seem likely that they are all from the same clutch. I was not informed of the pairing.
I was simply curious as to why the two with hets looked different from the normal. Was it the het pied and het albino that made them so much lighter?
The albino was bought by a local breeder from a college kid at a show. So for him I am unsure of his genetics.

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Welcome to the forum @cedarfalls! You have come to the right place for questions like these as well as just about any other questions that involve reptiles!

Unfortunately I am not one of the people who can answer these questions but I can admire the reptiles! I love love love the BP in picture #3!

Best of luck with whatever project you have going! :pray::+1::blush:

I believe the het albino influence is why those 2 are lighter. Ive seen it many times before with normal het albinos.