Need help identifying his morph

If you know his and her parents and so on you’ll get a better idea of babies.

If not it’s all kinder surprises! X

I’d find an orange female for him myself x


Like an harlequin with orange or orange phantom?

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I’d go orange patternless myself, break the pinning up to dashing… keep the lovely colour. X


Tiger and pinstripe kind of fights against eachother so since he’s such a strong pinstripe pairing him with a tiger would probably get you a lot of less strong pins that you could then continue with - He probably wouldn’t be the best start to a tiger-line if that’s what you want, but theoretically you could if you have enough patience down the line :laughing: Can’t really tell if he’s orange based which would likely mean yellow + red, or just a dirty yellow, but yellow is dominant, and dark is fixed (all cresties carry it), so depending on whether he carries one or two copies of the yellow gene, and whether either of them carry red (which is recessive) pairing him with a dark could give a ton of different results - the girl in the photo seems to have red tigering which could be a sign of her carrying the red gene. If you want brighter babies though, you’ll want to pair him to a lavender, since lavenders carries hypo (aka hypomelanism) which lessens the amount of melanin produced and in turn makes the other colours appear cleaner and brighter usually. Either that or a gecko that is also bright.

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I’ll probably look for a lavender then but they’re seem to not be that common in my country. If I don’t find one I’ll likely look for a female that resembles him but I decide after I do a bit more research on the genetics. Thanks you helped me understand a lot more about genetics and him. I greatly appreciate it!


I’m very new to everything, but i would vote to add hypo into the mix. It would explain the washout at the head. I also see a lot of blushing in the picture from the underside. Sometimes in animals that are carrying a recessive red base gene, if they are also carrying a hypo gene you get blushing. Like everyone else said, you’ve got to prove it out and until then it’s just a big mystery.

100% agree on “not a white wall”


Blushing is another trait.

I have so many cresties with it. Actually quite common now!

No hypo or red on them. Blushing is just a lovely trait.


I love the blush trait.

I’d personally stick to a light base gecko

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I plan to pair him with a lavender next year!

I love lavenders! I have a lavender lady here but I’m not sure if I’m going to breed her or not :person_shrugging: she comes from heavily spotted parents, despite the fact she didn’t have any spots! I was considering a lavender project, but have so many other projects on my brain & I need to really think about which ones are most important to me.

I’m not breeding my Geckos this year as I’ve had a lot going on, but I hope to continue next year. So I’ve got time to decide

I’ve come to love the lavenders too. There’s still a lot of time till next year so I’m sure you’ll figure it out!

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I did some research and came across Phantom Quadstripe, and I thought he looked quite similar to them. What do you think?

Also, I read about their eyes, and it said that the red-eye reticulation is normally only seen in babies, except for the Cold Fusion form of Hypo, but do you know if that’s true or not?

I’m not really sure about the red eye in cold fusion…I’d suggest reading lil monsters guide regarding the cold fusion.

I’m also not sure with phantom quad, I can’t really tell with the pics. But then I’m looking at it in darkness so I’ll try again later but it looks possible. Is the gecko fired up in the pics with laterals clearly on show?

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I have looked again, I don’t think it’s phantom quad as I believe the lateral line is broken up, but if paired with the right gecko, it might produce them

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The white on the pinstripe goes up too far to be a phantom I’d say… When something is dominating phantom, typically the laterals will be the first place it’ll show, take phantom LWs as an example. Phantom is typically most dominant on the dorsal, so the fact that he shows white on his dorsal/pins and not on his laterals, makes me think that’s not the case, but the only way to know for sure would be to breed him :blush: No clue about their eyes, from my understanding their colour is typically seperate from their other genes, like for a while people believed LWs had blue eyes, but then LWs without it started popping up. So I don’t think there’s any confirmed correlation between eye colour and traits.

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Ok I see thank you!

Ok I see because I read it on lil monsters and they were taking about the eyes which were confusing me a bit

Oh also what do you think about breeding him with a red base harlequin? I was trying to find something to explain how the bases would work against each other but I couldn’t really find anything

I’ve talked to a few people about him and they say he’s fired up when he’s the orange colour but im not sure about that since it would mean he’s always fired up and the only time he was white was when I first got him and he was probably stressed. He’s basically just a really confusing gecko😅

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Bases are a bit tricky, but generally dark/black is fixed and comes in several variants from olive to brown to black; yellow is dominant, and red is recessive. Blushing if often (maybe always?) a sign of the gecko being het for red, so pairing him with a red would likely either give you dark, red, orange, and yellow offspring if he’s het yellow, or yellow, and orange if he’s homozygous yellow. Since he seems to have a bit of dark base showing (yellow is kind of a secondary base, so the other bases can show on yellows) I’d assume he’s probably het, but I’m not 100% sure how it works entirely tbh

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Ok I see that’s really helpful thank you!