Need Help Identifying Morph

Hey all,

Been trying to find an answer on this on facebook, but then it hit me that asking here might yield me better results. Ahahaha.

Anyways, I bought this corn snake a couple days ago not having any information about it. No sex, morph, or age information. She is pet only, so generally all of that is no problem.

I am, however, very curious as to her morph. I have my suspicions about what she is which is most of the reason i bought her despite having no info, so id like to know how lucky i got or not.

Even if shes not what i think, i will enjoy having her around as shes very sweet and very pretty!

Thank you!


Welcome to the community! While I haven’t bred corns in years, more of a python guy. It looks to me like what I know as a albino reverse okeetee. A nice high white one at that!


Hi, welcome to the forum!

Genetically, she’s an amel, no question about that. Her specific coloration might qualify her as a candy cane.


Congratulations on your new corn noodle pet! I would say you got lucky depending upon how much you paid for her! But like you said, no matter because she is a pet and you are going to love her regardless! She is very pretty too!

Welcome to the community! Keep us updated on her progress settling in! :blush::snake:


they only charged us $150 for her. I almost feel like we robbed them :joy:


Congratulations on your lovely new corn snake! She’s a pretty thing. If you’re new to corns, it can be quite a challenge to sort out all the terms about morphs and traits. Yours has a lot of white, which is selectively bred in several “flavors.” Yours looks Candy Cane-y to me, a selectively bred morph. Definitely Amel genetically. Very pretty. :heart_eyes: