Need help identifying my bps morphs

I bought a male ball python the seller said he was a super banana pos lesser, bongo, od, and pastel

I personally believe there is super banana Bongo lesser and orange dream. I don’t see any pastel but I want a second opinion. His eyes, the center of them are red, I do believe that would be the conflict of lesser and pastel interfering with they just interact with each other I could definitely be wrong though.

I will post another picture later. He is currently pairing up with wt female figured it’d make his morphs a bit more visible when broaken down into babys.

He was purchased on MorphMarket his id is c5322 if anyone needs more pics

That’s just how banana eyes are.
I’d lean towards MAYBE super banana, lesser, and Orange Dream based on the colors and how banded the pattern looks. But this is a very difficult snake to make the ID on because Super bananas can be so pale.
Bongos tend to have a pattern with more eyes and even busier when mixed with lesser or pastel. OD will be that cleaner banded. The slightly toasty marshmallow look is most likely the lesser.
If you look up lesser bongo OD snakes on the market you can see what I mean about the pattern being less busy.

You could have them shed tested for super banana, lesser, OD and pastel. I think the bongo is the only one you wouldn’t be able to test for at the moment.


Thank you the testing is a good idea i hadnt thought about it