Need help identifying my girls morph!

Hey guys! So back in January this baby female bp was rehomed to me and the previous owners said they thought they were told she was a banana from the friend (who was a breeder) they got her from. As soon as I saw her I knew she wasn’t a banana but wasn’t sure what she was as I previously only had owned a BEL and a HGW/granite/yellow belly/specter combo. I’ve asked around and I’ve been told she’s a lesser/pastel but just wanted to come on here to confirm if that’s what she could possibly be! Here are some photos of her!


Hello and welcome to the forum family! I am not a BP breeder but someone who has expertise will answer your question. However, I dare say I agree that she is most definitely not a banana! Lol :joy:

However she might have some banana in her?:woman_shrugging: But for sure she is a very pretty BP!

Welcome again and come back! There are a lot of really great people her!



Looks like a beautiful lesser pastel! :two_hearts: she’s super pretty!!


I agree on the lesser pastel. Super cute.


Welcome to the community.
She’s a gorgeous girl. She looks almost identical to the Pastel Lesser that I have.