Need help identifying my most recent clutch!

Hi! This is my third clutch so I’m still really new to identification and would love some help!
The dame was a Super Pastel Cinnamon Calico, and she was paired to two males a Leopard Lesser Clown and a Banana Enchi Pastel Clown! But I am leaning toward the Leo Clown being the sire, unless it’s a split clutch. There are six babies and they’re all healthy but I really have no idea what they are. :frowning:

Here’s the group picture pre-shed! And thank you all so much for helping! After a few days I’ll update with them post shed! :slight_smile:


Better pictures of each baby would help. I would say your leopard lesser clown was the sire. Looks like you have a sterling, a pewter, a pewter lesser, a pastel leopard , and 2 pastels. Hard to say about the calico without better pictures of each.


I have to disagree with Shaun, two of those animals are Enchi Pastels and one of them is a Banana.

Tentative IDs starting from the top (may change after they shed):

  • SuperPastel
  • Banana Pewter
  • Sterling
  • Enchi Pastel
  • SuperPastel Enchi
  • Sterling Calico

Here are the updates post shed! Again thank you all so much for the help! <3


Judging by these pictures the second is a banana pewter. So I would say I was wrong with the sire.


My thoughts:

  1. Calico lesser pastel
  2. Banana Pewter
  3. Sterling (Calico?)
  4. Pastel Enchi
  5. Killer Enchi
  6. Sterling (Calico?)

If I’m correct, that would make this a dual sired litter, with all being sired by the Banana Pastel Enchi Clown except for the first one.


@westridge the first one is definitely what’s throwing me off! I would say 3 is sterling and 6 is sterling calico imo.


Yeah I agree in regards to the sterlings!

The first one is definitely the odd man out I’m pretty sure she’s either a Super Pastel Calico OR she’s Lesser Pastel ((and the only one in the clutch with a separate sire.)) Her belly markings are super wonky, and throwing me off.

The first animal is a SuperPastel Cinny Enchi. I needed the shed out to properly gauge it.

The rest I hold my initial IDs on

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I’m going to have to agree with Travis. No split clutch and super pastel enchi cinnamon on number 1.