Need help identifying Pastel please

I received my first Ball Python about 18 months ago… a pastel as a rescue on craigslist. He was super underfed, and they had no idea what they were doing. They didn’t tell me it was pastel, but I sure thought so after I got smarter.

He fattened up and thrived in my daughter’s care. I become enamored with the hobby, and bought 7 snakes. We then bred this one to a Pinstripe last fall.

However, all of the babies look the same - and are not as yellow as I anticipated a lemonblast to be. So either I have a super pastel with low intensity offspring, a normal, or really strange odds. Is this male dad a pastel or Normal? What about the babies?


It looks like your pastel, just didn’t throw any pastel. Every single gene co-dom morph can throw the morph gene or normal. In the case of your clutch, it looks like you hit three normal and three pinstripes. The pastel gene didn’t get passed this go around. I had an 8 egg clutch from a YB to Normal that produced 1 YB and the rest were all normal. It happens. yours all look nice and healthy, so Congrats on that.

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Thank you. That seems like incredible odds! By the way Gray Snake, our hobby page is Gray Family Snakes - I love your name :slight_smile: Redirecting...

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