Need help identifying please

I inherited my bp’s and I need help with identifying 3 of them please. I will post pictures of each starting with Chloe :slight_smile: TIA for any help!

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Chloe looks normal to me the belly marks stick out though so maybe het pied need to see the white ones face to tell if shes leusistic

I agree that the first one looks normal and that a shot of the head and eyes is required to identify the white one.

Sorry…I added the last pic with chloe and my bel because I thought it was more clear. Layla is my Bel…she is the only one I am sure of. I was told Chloe was a yellow belly? But I thought she might be a normal. Thanks for the help!! I am posting pics of Monty-Anna (found out she was female after naming her Monty) She is a bit camera shy…so I hope these pics are ok.


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Those marking could not be any further than het pied markings. No YB either.

OP Normal and Bel based on the low quality picture, proper light for picture would help and close up shot of the head for the BEL would help as well.

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