NEED HELP! Indonesian Tree Boa

Just purchased him about 2 weeks ago. I have him in a pretty decent enclosure still hasn’t eaten. I’ve tried a 2 day old pinky. Didn’t eat it. I waited this past week and put 2 pinkies in the enclosure haven’t touched neither 1 of them. I was told I need to catch lizards. So I caught a lil small baby gecko its just running around enjoying the enclosure lol


You could try a small chick, I’ve herd success with those for that species. I’ve never kept them before myself so I can’t say for sure that would work.
One question. Are you catching a wild lizard for his prey item? If so I would strongly advise against that. Wild prey can often come with internal parasites, and could lead to expensive care bills in the future.
I would always go with store bought prey items for your feeders.


Is it a wild caught animal? And how big is the enclosure/how much have you handled him?

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Yeah it was a very small gecko but I’m going to remove it because I’ve been told by multiple people of parasites. And I’m not sure if it was wild caught I purchased it from a local pet store. I haven’t handled it to much because I was trying to let it get use to its enclosure.

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Given it was from a local pet store, chances are it is wild caught. I don’t think anyone that breeds these (I don’t know of anyone that breeds them or even if they have been bred in captivity) would ever let them go to a pet store. The problem with both wild caught animals, and ones from pet stores is that you never know what they have been through or if they are even healthy. Parasites are common things in WC animals and the stress of getting shipped around can quickly lead to a decline in an animal. Death is sadly pretty common for WC snakes especially, since many are very bad at dealing with stress and it can be hard to get them to thrive if you aren’t extremely experienced.

Give it a few days of being left alone and try a baby chicken/quail (depending on the size of the snake). You will want to use tongs to present the chick to it, and it will need to be alive. If it doesn’t take and continues to get thinner, then a trip to the vet might be a good plan. Normally you would want to wait until they are established before taking them to a vet, but if it is sick/full of parasites, then that might be what is making it not want to eat.


Definitely appreciate the info! It’s very small I believe there maximum size is maybe 2 ft. So the biggest meal would be a lizard or small pinky. I would love to give it lizards but I don’t know anyone that breed lizards lol

It should be able to take a baby quail. They are very small. You can sometimes get them at farm supply stores (tractor supply co. for example) and there are usually people online that breed them.


Ok cool I have 2 pinkies in there now hopefully he eats them

they get bred and they r becoming more common but every baby has this problem with feeding (same as baby house snakes)

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I have yet to see any of them captive bred. Do you have a link to anything about them having issues feeding? Maybe they are bred in Europe, but here in the states they are rare.

yeah rare but not impossible to find! here morphmarket USA there are some adds I haven’t any links but you can see it in YouTube