Need help please! Buying gone wrong!

So I contact a “breeder” on morphmaket. Met in person for the transaction to avoid scams. I bought 2 Central american turtles roughly 3-4 inches (9 months according to him), softish shells (signs of metabolic bone disease); I figured I can turn them around as I have done with other turtles I received (I was wrong).
Both turtles died day 3 and day 5. The first 2 days the turtles would not move, eat, drink. Just sleep under their basking light. I figured maybe stress from a new environment. I left them in their enclosure. by 2.5 days one of died. Msged the seller/breeder. Nothing for 24hrs. I thought I got ghosted. He replied finally.
I made an appt with the vet. Day 5 of owning the turtles the other died and vet stated resp. infection and likely cause of the first death. I tried working with this breeder to make it easy as possible for him. I said we can meet up in person like before for a trade for another turtle and I would bear most of the loss (I figured he would be willing to talk and meet vs ghosting me). He continued his games of flipping back and forth on plans. He said meet lets meet this weekend if not I’ll ship out monday. He hits me up again stating I’m at fault and none of his turtles are sick or dead. Let’s meet monday. I agreed monday morning he refuses to meet and to send a vet invoice. I felt like I did not want to give this person anything esp. my information. I stated lets meet in person like before for more than fair trade (1 turtle vs a full refund) I’ll bring the 2 frozen turtles and the vet invoice. He claimed I was a scammer and that both my turts were alive and I wanted extra turtles. I sent a video of the frozen turtles and invoice but blacked out for privacy. In a fit of anger I stated I would post this online and he threatened me by stating no one will do business with me. Also NOT once has he apologized for the loss of 2 dream turtles I was really hoping to raise. During this 6-7 days of hell, trolling and heart string pulling. I’m here asking for help from you guys, the reptile community.

Not a BOI! Just asking for some insight.

I am so sorry this happened to you. I can imagine how hard it is to lose an awesome dream animals. I hope this works out. @eaglereptiles and @saleengrinch might have some more ideas of what to do.


Thank you for the kind words.


Hi Bang and welcome to the forum.

I am extremely sorry you had to experience this with a seller, unfortunately not all humans are a great example of our species :roll_eyes:

You did the right thing by taking them to the vets and having them checked out, take every precaution possible to keep any item you used with these turtles away from any other reptile you have.

This is a double edged blade. While it gives you the benefit of being able to refuse a sick animal before purchase, this only really works if the sickness is external or you know exactly what vocal cues you are listening for. It also takes away any hope of a quick refund from the “middle man” (Paypal, square… Etc).

Now, on to our sellers rules

  • 3.2 - Sick or unhealthy-looking animals may not be sold on our site.

    • This includes animals with physical deformities, such as being kinked, even if it is otherwise healthy.
      Ads may be removed at our discretion of what appears to be unhealthy.
      Very minor cosmetic issues are acceptable as long as they are disclosed in the ad description (such as tiny tail kinks or small scars). Buyers may ask for additional, specific pictures.
  • 7.2 - We expect sellers to respond quickly to problems reported by their customers and to fairly resolve them.

  • 7.4 - Sellers are responsible for delivering service according to their own clearly defined Store Policy as written at the time of a sale.

    • In addition, effective January 15, 2021, they will abide by MorphMarket’s Default Store Policy except where they have overridden it with their custom policy and/or written communication to the buyer by the time of the sale. The Default Policy is subject to change, and it is therefore recommended that a Seller override its terms in their own Policy.

    • While a custom Store Policy can and should override the Default Policy, it cannot override the Rules or provide immunity from them.

    • MorphMarket is not liable for anything that happens as a result of any buying, selling, or advertising you perform in this marketplace. You do so at your own risk.

Now, what to do…

Please reach out to the marketplace team using and explain your situation, even just send a link to this discussion on here and they will look into it for you. :blush:

Again I am sorry you have had to deal with this, especially so close to the holidays.


Thank you! I appreciate your help!