Need help to determine if this is a lily white or a pinstripe?

See my short video

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For future look at belly x


Do you have pics of the parents? (:


Agreed, looks like a gorgeous lilly:)

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Yes! I do. the dad is a creamsicle lily white and the mom is red/cream bi-color harlequin.

Mom fired


Mom + Dad in one photo - the mom peaches has a lot of pink and is almost a light lilac color fired down

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dad is a tricolor lilly white, so here is his photo when i bought him as a baby

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Nice, I imagine it’s probably gonna end up similar to dad (:

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thank you for the response. I am in my first year breeding. It’s such a fun and exciting hobby :slight_smile:

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Dad’s an orange tricolour Lilly white.

And mums a red and cream harlequin.

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