Need Help to Id this one

Hi. I need help Identifying morphs here.

Pairing was Mojave orbit XFire Pastel Redstripe GHI

Any thoughts?

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it looks like a fire pastel Mojave to me.

@armiyana what do you think?

Oooh… That’s a neat sounding clutch.

Yeah. I agree with Logar. Fire pastel Mojave seems most likely.

Just in case… I’m gonna tag @akmorphs because she’s worked with orbit.
I think orbit Mojave and pastel has a really busy pattern. I don’t know if anyone has tried Mojave orbit fire.

I agree with @logar and @armiyana about it being a Firefly Mojave. It might be your lightbox @snorre_sandviken but does it have a red-ish hue?

This is a Firefly Mojave Orbit produced by Thorsten


No red whatsoever. Just yellow and washed out brown.

Then I would say it doesn’t have Orbit in it :slight_smile:

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Awesome. Thanks Anna!

Thanks for the help. Might Be more questions coming. Freddy Krueger’s been in my Incubator today

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