Need help verifying this ball

Since it is very hard to tell a normal from a gravel, we are having the same problem. At first we thought it to be a normal, but after doing some checking and looking at her better, we are not not sure. Can someone please help in determining what she is?.. 1 Head is missing the crown stamp (but so is the one showen in morphpedia) but does have an off center mark, 2 the dorsal strip is brighter then the allian heads, most have no eyes and misshapen, 3 the overall pattern, tail, head all match the gravel showen as an example in morphpedia. Thank you

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It looks to be a normal to me. Was it from a gravel pairing?


Looks normal to me as well.

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We was just told it was a normal. So no information on paring. Normal is what I thought when I first seen it, but after doing some research, gravel started to make sense.

Looks normal but do you have a better photo of the belly?

I can post one tomorrow. Can you tell me in the meantime what I should be looking for that would be the difference?

I almost positive that’s not gravel without belly shots. No flaming or blushing or any indications that the snake carries a yellowbelly complex gene.

The yellowbelly part I was not aware of. Off the top of my head, I do not remember seeing signs of yellowbelly. But knowing that helps in trying to figure it out. I will update everyone tomorrow.

Gravel is part of the yellowbelly complex. I was meaning I don’t think your snake has gravel or any yellowbelly complex genes. In my honest opinion your snake is a normal ball python.

Thank you for your expert opinion. Also the quick response. I am starting back into this life after many years of being out of it. So many things have changed and I am trying to catch up. At least now I know I can come here and get help if needed. All the information posted in morphpedia is a great source for me to start with. Thanks everyone again for your time and expertise.

And it’s only getting better! And your welcome always happy to help in anyway I can!

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