Need help with a clutch ID!

So my daughters ball python project has been a great success, but I’m stumped on what the babies combos are except the pastel I see that in them.

I was told
The mom was pastel calico

The dad was coral glow sentinel

The babies from my daughters first ever clutch


I love the one with the high white sides!!
Keep me updated on that one, it makes me like BP’s more :joy:

The dad doesn’t look like a sentinel to me, just a coral glow/banana. To my knowledge sentinel is also recessive, so it wouldn’t effect the babies even if he was. He looks like he might have enchi though, or the mom does (can’t tell in her pic) as it looks almost like some of the babies have enchi. Especially the last 2 babies.

Here are my guesses;

  1. Pastel (doesn’t look enchi to me).
  2. Banana/CG Enchi Calico (or just a very high white banana/CG calico).
  3. Banana/CG Enchi.
  4. Enchi (doesn’t seem light enough for pastel).

This is something that has confused me a lot.
On the market you can find “het sentinel”, “sentinel” and “super sentinel”… All on the same breeders store :thinking:.

I’m with you on Enchi being in that :banana:

My guesses…

  1. Pastel
  2. Banana Calico
  3. Banana Enchi
  4. Enchi

Sentinel is recessive. Due to the fact that it is compatible with paint has confused a lot of people over the years since paint was WRONGLY labeled as a incomplete co dom for many years. I think this is why you see the mixture of het/sentinel/and super sentinel. All though i have no idea why the same breeder would mark them that way :woman_shrugging: :woman_facepalming: Unless they are ph ???


I spent entirely too long staring at these pictures last night and came to the same conclusion. It definitely looks like the dad is coral glow Enchi

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I’m going to agree with @eaglereptiles thomas’s id’s. I believe he is spot on. Except believe the coral glow calico is pastel as well.

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Thanks everyone for the information and guess work all I had was the info on the tub the male was sold to us in. I’m pretty sure about the female, being it came from a breeder. Still over the moon with the results of the pairing! And most importantly watching my children enjoy the whole process.
Here is another picture of the female.