Need help with identifying

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I’m buying this ball python.
Parents genes are cypress, red stripe, fire, spotnose, leopard, and lesser.
Any clue on what anyone thinks it might have in it?


Welcome to the community!

While I don’t work with BPs, we do have folks like @ballornothing, @inspirationexotics, and others who may be able to help ID morphs. Hopefully someone will be along to help you soon.

That said, please do not remove watermarks from photos that are not your own, they’re there for a reason. You might also want to list what the animal is being sold as, so that it can either be confirmed or contested. The breeder identified this animal as a Spotnose Lesser Fire/Redstripe Clown.


My apologies. Just wasn’t sure if if I should have left someone’s image in a photo. Thank you for your response. I forgot to list what it was possibly identified as. That was my fault.


No worries! The main reason sellers put a watermark is not only to identify the animal as one they produced, but the hobby has had a huge issue recently with bad actors stealing photos to use in scams where they say the animal is for sale, only to collect money and disappear. No need for apologies here.

Hopefully one of our wonderfully knowledgable BP folks will be by shortly to offer some more opinions for you! Either way, a beautiful choice you’ve made, she’s quite the looker.

Thank you very much. I believe they what it was identified is right possibly. Just everyone that I look up looks completely different. I have only just started getting into ball pythons the last year and half. I don’t know enough on what to look for but I’m trying to learn.


Yeah, there’s a whole lot of variation from individual to individual, which makes things even harder if you’re just starting out. Heck, even for experienced folks it can be difficult. This community is great for asking questions and sharing information, especially on what to look for in identifying specific genes, so you’re in the right place. I don’t know if you’ve checked out World of Ball Pythons yet, but that may be another resource to help you!

Thank you very much. I have not been there yet but I will use it now.


I see leopard, lesser, redstripe, and clown but something is making it more red which would most likely be cypress. Possible it has all the genes present.


I have been looking at what it was listed as, and I did not see anything that looked like it. It’s more red then anything listed on morphmarket at the moment.


Cypress Spotnose are allelic and super reactive together. I think it’s one or the other, I’d guess Spotnose based on the color and head stamp.

Basically, I think the breeder who listed this IDed it right


I’m just hoping it’s red stripe. I been wanting a red stripe to add to the collection.