Need help with New behavior on my python

So i recently tried moving my Ball python to a bigger enclosure and now he is deciding to burrow i am wondering if this is due to stress or what and will he stop doing this after a few days?

Welcome to the community! :grinning: Does he have a hide? Have you double checked his temperatures? If he’s burrowing he’s either trying to hide or get to the heat source.

Yes I currently have two Hides one on the cold side and one on the Hot side and the temputeres are right on target but i did move him only yesterday so he might be still trying to find his heat source

Probably just exploring his new enclosure. Give it a couple days for him to settle in.

Thanks for the help

Thanks for the help i will give him a few days and follow what you said so hopefully he will come out

No problem! Always happy to help!