Need help with this lil girl

Is there anyone in here that can tell the difference between a Yellowbelly and a Specter?


Dad is a Super Stripe, :100: Het Pied.
Mom is some type of Granite gene.

We would definitely need good pictures of both parents.

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I’m gonna say not yellow belly since the belly isn’t clean, but I’ve not worked with yb or specter myself!

I’ll tag @t_h_wyman here :blush:

Yellow belly or specter from that pairing can only be a guess. With that in mind a comparison within the clutch is helpful. Alien heads further apart could be more likely yellow belly, dorsal striping toward the head and tail I lean toward specter. There is a reason top breeders will list both genes when listing an animal. Proving out with breeding is the surefire method. Have Fun

This is not correct. Top breeders are very able to identify between Specter and YB because the two genes are quite different from one another. It is less-experienced/newer/lazy breeders that list both genes in an either/or manner.

The genes in the complex that are problematic for identification are Asphalt, Gravel, and YB.
As far as the animal in question is concerned, the blocky, squared-off aliens, tail stripe, lack of flames, and non-checked belly all point to Specter


Total agreement! Specter is fairly easy to distinguish from yellowbelly. Especially in single gene form.

Full agreement here as well!


first male specter i bought was from royal constrictor designs and Garrick told me it could possibly be a yellow belly, so there’s that

Please enter yellow belly and specter into traits and least expensive instead of default. Tell us what you find, thank you.

I don’t need to do all that I’m basing my response based on my personal experience hatching both specter and yellowbelly.


sorting by least expensive isn’t going to necessarily give you results from the “top breeders”. I trust individuals like @saleengrinch and @t_h_wyman to be able to say they can tell a visual difference easily.


Here is a pretty good thread discussing differentiating specter and yellowbelly (and spark) and providing some helpful visuals.

Spark vs Specter


Excellent thread! Travis brought me to the light lol.


correct, it is the best way to find the animals that are “either”, “or” however