Need id help found in my gecko tank

Found this in my gecko tank any idea what it is, how it got there and if it’s dangerous to me or my gecko?

Wasp like… Not sure if it’s the dangerous sort but reminds me of a mud dobber of some kind. What’s the substrate and decor? Anything you got from outside?

Looks like a black soldier fly. Do you feed BSFL to your geckos?

Edit: Black soldier fly larvae are also marketed as Calci-worms & Repti-worms and Phoenix worms

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I did feed bsfl a few times but they didn’t really like them. I thought they turned in to flys not a wasp. Can I just let it out or do they cause issues.?

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It would be best to kill it. They won’t eat it and you can’t release a non-native species of bug.

I agree, it’s a black soldier fly. It happens when a BSFL (with other names, see above) escapes. They burrow into the substrate and come out as a adult fly. They’re completely harmless, you can take it out but you can’t release it outside. The adults don’t live very long (I think about 5 days) and are completely harmless (they don’t eat as adults). If you feed larvae in the future use an escape-proof dish.


Got it grown up bsfl, I did feed them in a dish the geckos then proceeded to bury it . I will stick to crickets and dubias in the future, they like them better anyway . Glad it’s not dangerous . Thank you.