Need identification Help!

Hi everyone,
I wish to show my last clutch,

Female leopard yellow Belly 100% het clown
Male confusion 100% het clown, 66% het hypo.
She layed 7 eggs 0 slugs. But sadly 2 were dead in egg :pensive:.
Now the another healthy five.

I think the First one is nominal

Second one Yellow Belly

Third Leopard (maybe yb?)

Fourth Yellow Belly Clown

Fifth Leopard Yellow Belly confusion

Of Course every not visual clown are 66% clown and everyone are pos het hypo.

I hope your help for the identification.

Thanks in advance


I see what you do! I think that third leopard looks somewhat different because of possible het. Influence either from clown or hypo. It’s amazing how much leopard, yellow belly cleaned up the confusion belly! Do you have blade in your clowns? I think also that id is right yellow belly, clown but it has a very reduced pattern in the last half of its body. Nice head on that one too! Great clutch! Congratulations on some great animals!:star_struck::+1:


Congratulations @vicen86 on a really pretty clutch all around! I love the leopards especially! Grade? 10+! :blush::+1:


Thanks for our reply, yes they are awesome, im super happy with them. Specially with confusion Leo YB is a male, then i have some idea to breed him with :grin:. This one is my second clutch ever. Last year was First one. This year i tried with some females but until now only this one went. Two of them are still growing folicules i think. Im Look Forward about a hypo female, to probe the pos het hypo of this male. She is a big girl more than 3,5 kg hopefully she is going to give me some eggs soon :crossed_fingers:t2:.


Remember there is also genetic testing for Hypo, which is definitely worth doing for a Confusion het Clown. 33% chance het is really low to do a breeding for.

I’d test the father at least. There’s 2 companies offering genetic tests in the US. RGI (Morph Market’s partner) and Grey Rider Reptiles who offer competitive prices but more bare bones (still good) service


The both company are in US, yes. I live in Germany. And send the shed could be a Problem. Idk.


Ah, that does make it more complicated potentially! I’m not sure about what regulations might be involved or not. Regardless hope you hit your odds!


Thx another female is a pied het lavender and im paring her with a Special het dreamsicle. Would be awesome to get a Special dreamsicle. Could be world first :grin::grin: i think