Need some advice please

I have five snakes
2 balls
Corn and 2 hognose
I would like to know how do I get them temp
Of the water correct
After I feed my first two my water is cold so my mice are cold for the the other 3


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Do you have a temp gun? A temp gun is an essential tool for reptile keeping and making sure temperatures of everything is safe. It can be used to check the temp of the water, if you do not have one, then you need one. You can also just use your finger until you get one. If it burns, it is too hot. If it is pleasantly warm, use that. Change out water if it is cold and get warm water again.


If there is a water shortage I would heat some rocks in the oven or fireplace and drop one in the bucket to reheat the water so you can reuse it.

If there isn’t a water shortage dump half the bucket out and refill with hot water.

Good luck! Don’t give up!


Dump the water out and add more hot water or thaw them in different batches.


use a blow dryer if they are thawed out


I have seen some people use heat lamps to keep them warm. But you cant leave them under too long, they say the rodents will explode.

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I’m fairly lucky that most of mine don’t take more than a few secs to feed but I do order them by their level of pickiness concerning temps. My ball pythons typically go first since they straight won’t take unless it’s about 85 degree. My king snakes obviously have little care for temps so they go last.

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