Need some assistance on identification for this lady

Need some identification help with this pretty lady. Thank you in advance. She’s about 7yo and roughly 7 foot give or take.

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Looks similar to a Central American Boa

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That’s about as far as I’ve narrowed it down myself… I’ve seen about 3 or 4 subspecies she could possibly be. But given even the same subspecies have differences in them it’s hard to pin point. I’ve seen pearl Island boas that look very similar to her and several that didn’t. Same with the hog Island boas. Her size is what throws me off with those two. I’ve also seen pictures of the saint Lucia boa that look very close in resemblance and her size and fact that she’s still growing carries some support on that possibility. I can’t remember what the other boa I had seen that looked similar was.

It’s hard to say not being able to see the tail fully but almost looks like some form of red tail boa

Let me get better pic of the tail she’s right here with me gimme sec and I’ll post it

Without knowing her provenance, we can guess a bunch of potential localities she could be, at best we can say she’s Boa Imperator, potentially a mix of a handful of sources. She’s what would be referred to as a pet shop boa by my friends and I, which is not a bad thing. Some stunning animals have come from unknown origins.


Now see that makes sense on why she has several traits of four different boas. Completely get what your saying there. So here’s my next question. How would I list her on MorphMarket with out them removing her for inaccurate information as she’s already been pulled once and the admin referred me to here to get better idea of her subspecies

I would list her as Boa Imperator only and in the description mention she’s unknown locality.

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Perfect thank you all greatly for your time and input. Very much appreciated! Randall you we’re a great help man thank you.


She isn’t pure pearl or hogg for sure, and probably without much documentation or records or a reputable breeder known, going with CA is probably the best you’ll do, as others mentioned. Unfortunate considering that’s not a country lol, but many people just label their boas that way it seems anyway.

Just for some clarification - Hogs are usually smaller and much, much lighter while Pearl Islands are almost totally different, with elongated body plans (side note, it wouldn’t surprise me they also are a separate species one day after more DNA sequencing etc) and near patternless other than shades and flecks and dots.

She’s beautiful though, regardless :slight_smile:

(Edited for clarity and tone lol)

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