Need some clutch ID experts please

Hey all! Here’s my first clutch, just shed - and it’s a tricky one. Would love to get some input on it, especially IDing asphalt (no other YB complex genes in the mix). I have guesses, but I’m not confident in my ID abilities at all :wink:
Here’s the pairing:

Spotnose, Enchi, Asphalt
Calico, OD, X-treme gene

Thanks for taking a stab at it!


The white background is throwing my eyes a little but I believe you have:

  1. Asphalt Calico Enchi Spot
  2. Calico Spot
  3. Spot
  4. Asphalt
  5. Asphalt
  6. Asphalt Calico Enchi OD Spot

I would agree with T H on all except for on #2. I believe it is Calico Spotnose OD. I am basing this on the overall lightness, the coloration close to the belly and the solid train tracking on the belly which is indicative of OD.


You may be correct. That was one of the ones where the white background was throwing me off

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Awesome clutch!!