Need some help on this piebald I may be buying

Can somebody tell me what else is in him


No, we can’t!!!, as we aren’t the breeder. :v:

The simple matter of the fact is: if you don’t trust the breeder to give you the right genetics: don’t buy the animal.


I agree 100% with Martin the key when buying an animal, regardless of the animal is to buy from a REPUTABLE breeder, if you have reasons to question the breeder than it’s not a reputable breeder and ultimately you should pass.

Over the recent years more an more animals are produced that look alike without necessarily having the same genetics, or some mutations are more subtle, therefore it becomes harder and almost impossible for people to identify an animal based on a picture not knowing the pairing or not knowing what it is sold as.


It’s definitely a pied, if that’s all they are selling it as the anything else is a bonus and will be a cool surprise someday when breeding. But like the other comments say. If he is selling it as a multi-gene animal and you don’t trust it then don’t buy it.