Need some help with IDing

Pairing was a vanilla het clown to a OD het clown… We got 3 visual clowns and 3 hets. One definitely normal without a doubt already sold it another we cant seem to figure it out. The vanilla was a a baby re raised never paired before ill attach pics of them both

Trying to figure out what the baby is juat a very dark weird normal or what we hit a vanilla in the clutch to confirm the vanilla

If the first two are the parents I’m not confident that either ID on them is correct. The one that appears to be on eggs looks like a normal to me.

What do you guys think
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I don’t think any of these snakes have vanilla. I’m not personally seeing it in any of them. I’ll let someone else weigh in on the orange dream aspect as I’m not good identifying them.

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She popped this baby out we thought it was a normal but talked to Jeremy and we both agreed to be vanilla mom and baby

Heres a ovulation pics only pic to show her liytle head stamp but i know normals can have them also

Posted another hatchling we thought the mom was a normal when we got her

Moms color is way off for me personally to call it vanilla. Maybe it’s the photo but mom looks normal.

Oh shes dark like that in person why we juat assumed normal but was curious about her head stamp. Were keeping the black one to see what happens if she produces more black normal looking snakes.

That baby isn’t normal. It’s almost a bp or cinnamon type gene. That males od het clown has something else. And yes your female looks like a vanilla to me … can you do more photos of the male (flattened out and side of the head)?

Yeah give me a few im cleaning house we got him from a buddy who confirmed juat od i thought something else was in him but im not good at OD identity

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The female is the second one that color doesn’t look vanilla at all to me. It’s an adult it should be way lighter than that. Color and pattern to crisp for vanilla imo. And the one baby does almost look cinnamon looks out of place from the parents.

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My vanilla is very similar. I would take a picture but she’s due to lay any time lol.

What was the pairing that produced the mother of this clutch?

Not to sure got it on a deal with a pied female when we got her she was about 500 grams or so