Need some helping IDing this girl!

I got this beautiful girl from someone who worked at a local pet store. They were moving and couldn’t take care of her sadly, but… on the plus side she was a steal! I was told that she was het pied only, but am not quite sure that’s right. I don’t have a lot of experience determining morphs so I just wanted to reach out and see if anyone else has some opinions on this girl. If the photo quality is bad I can, of course, take more photos… she not one to sit still for photos :joy:. I appreciate the help in advance!

*you can’t see in the photos, but she has silver eyes


She’s a normal phenotype. But her genotype may be different because of underlying recessives. Honestly you probably ended up with a normal with a pos het of some kind.

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Thank you for the help. That is what I got her as so no loss there! Excited to prove her out! Again, Thank you for the help!

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And a 18-20ft normal is breathtaking. Happy she found a good home with you :grin: