Need some insite on this

hello about to be a new beardie over probably shipping Monday, fact checking my information for its heating mainly!


Are the temperatures supposed to change as it gets older? and if yes is it a problem if you don’t?

What’s the Ambient temperature?

What’s the basking temperature?

What’s the cool side temperature?

What’s the warm side temperature?

If the power goes out, what should you do and how long will it be until negative health issues arise? And what changes should I make?

please don’t berarade me in the comments for not researching I assure I have I am just fact checking thanks!

I would suggest posting what your information you found is, and asking others to review it and give you guidance on how to improve, or advising you on what’s not correct. This would help reduce the risk of anyone implying you might not have researched it. Just a thought!

thanks I don’t want to confuse people though :grinning: