Need suggestions for a male to pair with my female RTB

She is a sharp albino. Basically looking for suggestions of different morphs to make crazier morphs for a male to breed to my girl down the road.


If you want to make so albinos, I would get a het albino with whatever other genes.
A lot of thing go into picking what you want to breed for. Price is definitely a determining factor for sure.
So of my personal favorite codom genes are aztec, IMG, hypo, and jungle. If you get a male that is visual anery all of you babies would be 100% het anery to boot.

It would help if we knew a direction you wanted to take this: lighter, or Darker / Cleaner, or Heavier Pattern.

Personally I am a darker and cleaner person so my project is IMG Anery (type 1) Sterling.

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I’d look at a Boa Woman Caramel paired with a dominant or incomplete dominant trait. Like a BWC Arabesque, or BWC Motley.


I would do a albino img blood and welcome to the community

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Or a het albino img het blood

I would look through the marketplace and see what morphs catch your eye. You can get any dominant genes in the first generation but it would take 2 generations to get any visual recessive genes. So I would focus on getting a male that is het or visual sharp albino with some extra dominant genes (whichever ones you like). Keep in mind that you might want to get more females later to pair with this male. I would try to avoid getting a male with hets (for recessives) since you would produce poss hets which can make things difficult as far as selling.


I agree with what erie helps said. Nice looking albino you have there. Don’t hurry to get the male you want. You have 2 years to get one. Males can breed around 2 year’s of age and female should be around 5 years old and 15 to 20 lbs. in my opinon.