Need to cool down?

The summer’s here get over 100 F and I have been checking my bin. It regularly stays at 80-85 F. I don’t have a BP yet so I have no behaviors to observe, but would it be too hot? Should I turn the air conditioner down or leave the heating pad off during the day? Sometimes it stays 80 F during the night on the hottest days. Does anyone else keep a BP in a hot environment and have to do adjustments? What do you do to keep the temperatures comfortable?


I keep my animals at room temp during the warmest months of the year.

The snake room is over the garage so it can get hot and rather than cooling it down and provide a hot spot, I don’t provide a hot spot and use ambient temps only which put the temps in the tubs at 85/86. (more efficient this way for me)

I have been doing this for 10 years now since moving in this house, than in the winter it’s back to a room heated at 75 and a hot spot of 88.


I wasn’t sure if keeping the ambient temp that high would stress out the snake. I’m glad to hear it can work out!

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