Needing advice

I have a butter blast python male and was wanting to know what would be the best breed to put him with to make the prettiest babies. I have a cinnamon banana python but I just didn’t know if they would look good together. I’m very new at this…lol


Well do you wanna pair him with condom or dominant genes or would you be willing to put in the time for a recessive project?

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The combination of banana and butter creates a nice looking snake

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So u think a pastel would be a good combo for him?

Would not recommend pairing with a condom. :joy::joy:


A ‘butter X cinnamon banana’ will give you a 12.5% (1/8) chance of hitting:

  1. ‘Lithium banana’ (banana, butter, cinnamon)
  2. Lithium (cinnamon, butter)
  3. Banana cinnamon
  4. Banana butter
  5. Butter
  6. Banana
  7. Cinnamon
  8. Normal
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HAHA I just realized that. I meant CO DOM. HAHA I’m just gonna leave that there. No need to correct it


Just do what youd think would be best. What I may like may not be what you like

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I think a butter blast (AKA emperor) and a banana cinnamon would make some great babies together. You’d get a really wide range of morphs in the clutch.

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No need to change it at all. Hopefully everyone else chuckles as much as I did. It definitely put a strange image in my head :joy::joy: