Needing Tips About Garter Breeding

So I want to breed a ‘litter’ of garter snakes this summer, they would be wandering garter snakes, but I am not sure on the demand. This species is really sweet, I have only been bit once, but that snake was startled. I have an adult male, but I need to wait for summer to collect a female due to not being able to find them online or at a local pet store. I need a few tips, tho.

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While I’m a fan of garter snakes it kinda of a niche market. The red sided and some of the morphs seem to sell well. You also may want to check it the legality of collecting wild garters. They breed in groups in the wild. I bred easterns years ago pretty much you can just keep them in together they will breed.


Thankyou, I will check on that. I did know the groups thing previously, tho so I had already planned on just putting them together.


If you are going to catch a wild female (honestly wouldn’t recommend it and just invest in some of the more desired/popular locals from breeders). You would need to quarantine her for around 6 months while you monitor her health and treat her for parasites. You can’t just throw her in with your male, as it could lead to both their deaths from diseases, parasites, or stress.

Most garters that aren’t red-sided or red spotted garters go for around $40-$50. They tend to not be popular because of their relatively short and unpredictable lifespan. That and many are rather plain looking.


I have not kept this subspecies of garters, but have seen it noted many places that Wandering Garters have been known to be cannibalistic. I am in no way trying to stray you away from the idea, just something to be vigilant about.

I collected my male from outside as well, so he isnt as weak as a captive bred snake.

Yeah, I read that too, @samuraiwack