Neeske and Zim are home!

I recently finished modifying the tank I bought and today I was able to pick up my garter snake babies!


Oh my goodness!!! They are so cute, red sided garter snakes are so awesome. Congratulations :sunglasses:


They really are. The store still had all 4, which really surprised me, but at the same time didn’t, because I know they’re somewhat underrated as pets.

They’re going all over the tank, exploring right now.


Store? Amazing find…nice babies!!

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Local reptile & aquatics store

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Loving how the tank looks…full tank pictures?

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Sure, can do. I’ve kinda decided to do naturalistic but alien if that makes sense? I’ve gone for the brightly coloured aquarium plants, but am going to keep everything else naturalistic? I thought it’d be a cool alien landscape type vibe

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Here’s there setup. Probably going to change it up soon, not terribly happy with the basking area. My bulb is pretty weak so I had to add some height to the decor to get the temperature right. I do want to add some more decor too, I still think it might be a bit barren still.


I like the Alien nature feel your tank is giving off. I can’t wait to see what it becomes :alien:

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Thanks! I’m excited to keep working on it

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Managed to snap this last night. It’s so hard for the camera to focus on them XD


Oh my goodness, you are making me want garter snakes so bad :rofl:

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One of them might be about to go into blue. I noticed today that it’s tail is quite dull but I’m not sure if that’s because it’s about to shed or if it’s because the tail is so small that all of the colours seem to blend together. The possible shedding one is also hiding more than the other one and didn’t take food yesterday when I offered it.

Side note, the other one did! It took a piece of salmon that was bigger than it’s head and now has some scale spread going on which is just adorable. Look at that chonky belly.


What a cutie!

Had a near miss today and it’s spawned all kinds of anxiety and nightmares (I’m really highly strung and prone to mental health problems)

One of the snakes fell in the water dish and couldn’t get out last night. Luckily their light was still on and I happened to be looking at the tank when it happened so I managed to get straight in there and rescue it.

It seems okay, might’ve spooked it a bit when I opened up the tank and grabbed it but otherwise seems okay. I was going to try feeding it today since it was the one that didn’t eat on Friday or Saturday but I think I’m going to leave them alone for the day. Unless the one that did eat poops today, and then I’ll spot clean. The non-eater did drink yesterday though, and it was eating at the store so I probably just have to find the right food for it. I got some fish on Friday because the store didn’t have any worms in stock.

Got some chicken liver to try tomorrow but I’m going to get some worms on Tuesday if it still hasn’t eaten.

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It is good that you get to learn from your experiences. I am relieved that you were able to catch it this time.

It’s been such a learning curve. They’re my first pets other than a cat. Had goldfish when I was younger but I wasn’t really involved in caring for them other than feeding.

The one that took a dip doesn’t seem any worse for wear today.