Neko - tail rot or just a really dark tail?

Here is Neko I took this photo tonight and was wondering if they’ve got tail rot? I’m a paranoid person let me just get that out of the way. I could be overreacting but I had to ask for another opinion just to make 100% sure!

Not lethargic… Still does self aerial bombings during cricket days… She was licking up my misting during photos as well so she’s still drinking… I honestly think I’m just being paranoid but I’d much rather be safe than sorry!

Edit - the last time we had them out ( 5 days ago ) scales didn’t feel any different from the rest of her


@ghoulishcresties can you help? I have never seen tail rot in crested geckos so I pretty much useless here


Just looks dark - dark tips are pretty common in cresties. If it’s tail rot, the tail will looks infected and/or the texture will be wrong.


Just his tail colour!
I love when the tail is also dark! :black_heart:

If was tail rot it would be hard x


I agree it looks like the tail and not two rot, however the pic isn’t very clear as to whether it might be heading that way.

Can Neko move his tail, eg. curl it round okay? And any stuck shed on it?

I was able to get Neko to wrap around my finger like a ring but I’m going to keep my eyes on it. I’m just glad I ultimately started messing with most of my hatchlings via tail. Lightly picking it up letting them wrap around my pinkie until they found out it’s my pinkie :rofl:

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If the tail can move so easily then it’s not tail rot. Just a beautifully dark tail!