"nemo" the rescue leo

Im not as active as I used to be, but I still like to check in with everyone once and awhile! Truth be told, im getting out of leopard geckos. I get to make an exception every once and awhile though, for special cases.

Out of the blue earlier this afternoon, I got a text from one of my local keeper friends asking if i wanted to take in a rescue leopard gecko, since he said im the “gecko person” in my area(I thought that was funny).

after seeing pictures of this guy, i was truly heart broken. The previous owners didn’t even KNOW it was a leopard gecko! he has pretty bad MBD and even worse stuck shed, he cant even see out of his eyes! a vet appointment has been made in the meantime, but as a vet student myself, i cant promise they can help.

i got this little guy set up in a quarantine/rehab set up and hoping for the best! we’ve dubbed him “nemo” because just like nemo, he has a (actually, four) funky fins.

I blured the picture because he IS in rough shape, so i want to protect anyone who doesn’t want to see it!

best of luck to our little nemo, hopefully i can update this thread with better news soon!


He is in rough shape. :grimacing: Hopefully he will get better. Keep us updated with what the vets say.

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Nemo is in very bad shape & I think it’s advisable to emotionally prepare yourself for the strong possibility of humane euthanasia.

Before his vet appointment, gently try to get some reptile-specific vitamins and calcium in him, by oral syringe in a slurry if necessary. He looks desperate for vitamin A, vit. D, and Ca. I’ve never seen a surviving leo that developed such severe stunted growth.

Do not leave any live crickets or other feeders in with him- he is likely to be predated upon in such a weakened state. Be careful with handling him to try and avoid any further pathological fractures. It’s more important to keep him comfortable and in correct temps than to get him to eat & get all of his shed off right away. No need to put him through that if you may decide to euthanize.

edit: I don’t mean to say that you can’t be hopeful. The important part is the exam, which none of us can do online. I just don’t want anyone to get blindsided by a poor prognosis.

As an aside, where are you going to school? I went to Oregon State for my DVM & graduated in ‘15. :blush:


ive already discussed the options with euthanasia, and im prepared to do so if need be. If anything, i just want him comfortable until then.

To my surprise, hes actually very mobile and is navigating the tank well. He was able to get from the humid hide, to his water, to his warm hide. So im hopeful in that aspect at least.

as for feeders, i only tong feed to reduce any risk, even with my healthy leos(this guy makes number 7 i belive)

for school, my local community college has it available, so thats the route im going!


HUGE update!

two days ago, he had his first meal under my care. he was only able to eat two worms, because hes so weak he couldn’t take any more.

Tonight, i was making my rounds when i noticed that the stuck shed around his neck was severely irritating him. so, we gave him a bath. about a half hour later, HE COULD SEE AGAIN! we were able to get all the stuck shed from his eyes. I have a video of him finding his water for the first time, and drinking for about 3 minutes(100% unassisted!). one of the most chilling yet comforting things ive seen in awhile.


Wow, his poor little legs! :frowning: I hope he can have some comfort in your care, even if euthanasia ends up being the best option for him.

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late night nemo update… he had his first shed under my care! I think its pretty obvious that he’ll need help shedding for the rest of his life(however long that may be), but thats something i have no issue helping with.

He’s still on supplements, and will continue to be until further notice via my vets instruction.

Overall, he still has some stuck shed on his toes that we’re working on. Hes getting soaks every other day to help soften and loosen that skin off so it can be removed. Its obviously a very tedious process just because how fragile his bones are compared to a normal, healthy leo. He’s still very mobile and very hungry, just a little more awkward than the average

nemo pic for tax!


Aww, you made me cry a little! What you’re doing for him is so kind, and he looks so much better! I’m rooting for you Nemo!! :black_heart: :green_heart: I’d love it if you could continue to give us updates every now and then, if you’re able to.


He looks so much better :sob: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I give Nemo lots of love, give him a cuddle from me!
Makes me so happy seeing someone so lovely and caring like you, you didn’t have to do this and here you are helping him :blush: :heart: