Nephrurus amyae care sheets?

I’m rapidly becoming more and more fond of these knobtailed geckos, but I’m curious if anyone knows of a really good care sheet for them. I’m not the type to go into keeping a new species willy nilly. If you have a trustworthy source, I’d love to read through it.

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I have a breeding trio of them and have been searching for good information too. I have read a couple websites and care sheets. Here are a couple I found that I found pretty informative.

Hope this helps a little.

Justin Julander co wrote this, and he’s pretty much an expert on all things Australian. Australian Addiction Reptiles is his company name. He also has a podcast and is a frequent guest on other podcasts. Pretty sure he did a knob tail episode on the THP podcast with @knobtail1 at some point too.