NERD line Desert Ghost

Is the NERD line Desert Ghost compatible with other lines of Desert Ghost? I know different lines of Axanthic are NOT compatible. Any other info on NERD line Desert Ghost is welcome too. Thanks in advance.

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Most lines are known to be compatible, such as the Bell DG, NERD DG and the Enhancer DG lines. others such Sahara DG are incompatible as far as I know.

Sahara is compatible. Someone in Europe did het Sahara x het Enhancer and got a visual

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Would you happen to have a source I can use for that?


It makes sense, they look so similar. I remember an adult Sahara female on mm who looked straight DG, she was stunning, I thought she was DG personally until I saw Sahara. I’ll look into it, thanks!

It was last summer so I will have to see if I can track the information back down again…

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That’s weird that Sahara would be compatible to Enhancer, when the person who imported Sahara bred to a Desert Ghost and got all normals. We know DG and Enhancer are compatible.

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Same. I’d love to know who got the visuals. I think a lot of people would actually like to know.

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Interesting, I had not heard that reported.

But I have to ask, is this the same individual that pushed the idea that Sahara was a whole new type of mutation that was recessive but also produced a superform when you bred two visuals together??

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I don’t know anything about a super form. When they were imported, Jonathan Foltz (owner of Breeder’s Circle) claimed they weren’t the same as Desert Ghost, and that they were better. They obviously are not better, most are more busy and don’t have as much pattern reduction as Desert Ghost. Fast forward to a few months ago, I asked the new owner about the compatibility with DG, that’s when he said he bred a Sahara to a Desert Ghost and got all normals.

When Sahara first hit the scene it was advertised as a game changer because it was a recessive that also had a superform. Crystal Palace told everyone that you could breed hets to get the visual Sahara and then if you breed two visuals you got a white snake. They posted pics of the animals they brought in and the clutches he produced on a few forums as proof of all of this. Myself and a few others pointed out that his “SuperSaharas” were Ivories (they had all the tells, indigo eyes, purple head, faded yellow dorsal) and that his Saharas were Sahara YBs. The argument went on for a fair bit and CPR never backed down from their position. Fairly recently I had to explain this to someone on a forum or thread because the idea of a SuperSahara was still being perpetuated


@t_h_wyman yeah that definitely sounds like there was another gene at play. Crystal Palace must have sold the project to Breeder’s Circle back in the day I’m guessing.

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Personally when I hear my line is better statement I take with a boulder of salt till I see a lot of proof. I heard a guy say his line of pastels never brown out with age at all. Guess what 2 years later there were a lot of angry people with browned out pastels. The breeder who sold them gone. The dg lines are a mess as always with the bp community. Over the years I’ve seen so many arguments over what the same what isn’t. It will never end. The simple truth is pick what you like and work with to make the best possible stuff you can.