Never again, too many issues

That is correct Nathan :+1:t4:


I can confirm from experience incubation temps causing kinking, head formation issues, etc. In 2019 I had a herpstat probe fail but continue to read the same temp. Suspected nothing until I smelled dead eggs. When I checked everything was running 100ish degrees. Was able to correct it and saved about half of most of the clutches. I really wish I hadn’t saved any of them because they were a total disaster. Large scale kinking, half formed heads, organs outside the body. It was a mess.


I have never heard this, and i don’t see why that would be an issue if the clutch mate did not carry the spider genetics. @t_h_wyman do you have insight on this or ever heard of any issue of non spider clutch mates having issue when paired with other spiders?


I am certain I have heard this on forums before, I believe ball and other owner bp threads and forums/classifieds. I have never experienced this myself and wouldn’t think so unless they were expressing the spider gene, but I am still curious if anyone has ever experienced this.

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This is another of the scare tactic talking points the anti-Spider camp likes to throw out there to try and push the narrative that we need to purge the morph from the hobby. There is no validity to it. The issues with Spider are directly associated with the mutation that causes the phenotype. If you do not have the mutant gene, you do not have the issues


2 different breeders so doubt it. The fire was slated to move on to a new home anyways, the flame spider will be sold as a pet only.


I want to be clear, this is an issue in my ONE individual snake. I am not sure it was the spider gene or she just has bad genetics, sire has bad genetics when paired with her, his other clutch was fine. I just know i will not be repeating this, and i hope she will never be bred again. Just im case. I have calmed down and stopped letting raw emotions make decisions. I am selling the mom as a pet only, a good home is more important then money so thats what i am shooting for. I will give her away to the right home. The sire was slates to be aold anyways. He was never in our long term plans. I will definitely let the new owners know what happened. I have a bumblebee clown i am going to hang onto and hopefully have better luck with.


I meant more that the eggs being in an incubator. Most people would consider that the incubation period and to stress otherwise is nitpicking at semantics. I’ve never heard of someone saying a chicken is incubating her egg before she lays it, nor have I seen anyone say the same about snakes. While that might be the case, nobody uses the term like that because every comment about kinking refers to issues with the time the egg is in an incubator or incubation temps. Look at all the people saying super cinny kinks might be resolved by cooler or warmer incubator temps, nothing about controlling temps while the female is gravid.