Never get tired of these Baby Blues


That is a beautiful snake! Green snakes are awesome!

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still so little. They are nearing 2 years but still on pinkies. Won’t entertain the thougght or any bigger food items lol

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I wish normal green snakes got as big as green mamas do. Then they would be like perfect pets, in my mind.

I don’t much like venomous snakes…I think the head structure of most is ugly. I do think mamba and cobra are prettier though

I think that they are pretty but I would like the length of the green mamba but it being a green snake instead :rofl:

My king rats are probably larger than a green mamba, deffo males.

These guys are diddy at 3feet max

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I thought about get one, because of their attitude and size. What do you think about them?

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king rats are my FAVE snake species EVER

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I have just heard so many bad things about them. I really love them, but don’t want to hate the experience, if that makes sense.

Bad in what way? You need to be a confident active colubrid handler. They will bite. They aren’t the demons they are made out to be. They are very beautiful snakes indeed.


That gives me so much confidence! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: