New Addition - C. versicolor

Picked up a new sling at a local expo yesterday. Pretty excited about this one actually!


I know nothing about spiders, but I’m excited you’re excited. Will you post photos of it’s habitat when you get it setup? I’ve never really seen what a spider lives in once people actually… like… own them??


It will be in that vial for quite awhile. They aren’t fast growers. I did add a small stick and some little pieces of sphagnum moss for her (I hope) to web onto.


C. versicolor has definitely been on my wish list for a while now! That then D. diamantinensis. (Can’t pronounce nor spell this name. Thank goodness for copy + paste) :slight_smile:


It’s going to take FOREVER to grow! Be vigilant about humidity, too, it needs access to water and around 65-85%. Many C. versicolor slings pass during molts usually due to complications related to hydration, so just keep that in mind! Mine have crawled on me more than any species I keep, but they were always slow escapes, and they were really calm about being herded back home. Definitely one of my favorites, visually, the changes they’ll go through are amazing.


Squeeeeee, such a cute baby! :heart_eyes::heart:

C. versicolor is way high up on my arachnid wishlist. I love their colours and how fluffy they look. And I love the colour change they go through.