New addition!

The latest addition to my creature collection is a hainan cave gecko (G. Hainanesis) named Feitan Portor! Props if you understand that anime reference


Nice! I always love cave geckos because their eyes are so pretty. Also, do you have any other members of the Phantom Troupe? :joy:

Absolutely beautiful gecko! Congrats

Nope, for now atleast :wink:

wow ive never even heard of a cave gecko super pretty

There are a lot of different cave geckos. Go to the “other gecko” category on MM and there are usual many different ones for sale. They are all so cool looking.

Feitan Portor is gorgeous! :heart_eyes:

for a sec i thought that was the most beautiful leo in the world… LOLOLOL
little did i know… it was a cave gecko

what’s caring for cave geckos like? what’s their diet?

They’re insectivores and nocturnal like leos. They’re also an eyelid gecko with no suction feet and they have fat tails, however all similarities end there. They love humidity generally around 60%, and they’re a “room” temp gecko. If you gave them a Leo’s basking spot they’d die. It’s currently debated whether you should provide a hot spot around 80-83°F, or just leave them at a temp in the 70s. People have had success with and without a hotspot. Due to their colder inclinations, I wouldn’t feed insects like mealworms due to their hard shells. They can get up to 9in in length

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So would black soldier fly larvae and silkworms and tiny hornworms be best? Maybe some dubias?

From my research, people will feed dubias and bsfl