New and obsessed

Hi I’m Jackob.

And now I realise I post here…

I was one of those who had a phobia of snakes. Then I got a snake. My Hercules. Didn’t happen over night but we both grew together. Now I’m obsessed and have three royal/balls. Herc is an orange ghost and 18m old. Affy is a lemon blast and 10m old and Zeus is a year old and a ‘lithium’ cinnamon butter. Also thinking about taking on a super fire caramel albino female.

Just looking to learn and make friends. Have a great day everyone.


Welcome to the forum.

It’s funny how much wanting to get past the fear of snakes often leads to an enjoyment and interest in them as pets.


Hi @jackoutthebox Jackob, welcome to the community. I really like your snakes, they’re very beautiful! Being here on this forum is very helpful to me, and I think you will like it too!


Welcome Jakob!
I know the feeling! I had a Ball Python back in the 90’s, when I was big into reptiles, and there were no “Morphs” or genes. Just “Ball Pythons.”
I got out of reptiles and paid no attention to anything for 20 years, until my son’s were watching Youtube videos one day, and I saw a Banana Ball Python.
“What is THAT?!” My mind was BLOWN! A yellow, orange, red and purple Ball Python?! And its a simple Co-Dom gene?!!!
I then found that all of these different Co-Dom & Recessive genes had been discovered over the past 20 years, and became obsessed! Since then i’ve spent years just reading, watching videos, asking questions, and now know just about everything that is known when it comes to Ball Python genetics, breeding, etc.
If you ever have questions, or want to talk BP’s you can hit me up anytime at bizzmoneyb at
Good luck! You already have some good stuff!