New Arrival: Leopard Enchi Clown

My first clown!

Produced by George Emde.

When he’s ready I’ll work him into various ultramel and lavender projects.


He’s a stunner. The eyes on clowns amaze me still!


Thanks! I didn’t realize how cool their eyes are until I saw this guy in person. I tried a bit to get a nice close up of them but was unsuccessful, didn’t want to mess with him too much during the settling in period.


Wow I am going to love that with lavender :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Got some better photos of this boy yesterday. I love the transition of color and his clean sides. Enchi really brings in that golden glow. My daughter named him “Midas”.


And what about his golden eye :eye:


You’re up early fellow Floridian!

Agent 007, GoldenEye :slight_smile: . His eyes are the first thing I noticed when George dropped him off at my house. I’m not sure if most clowns have eyes like his, he’s my first, but I love it.

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You can see the reflection of you taking the picture in his eye. That is cool.

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Hah, yup. My ceilings are sloped on one side of the house and I have a high powered flash I point upward. All the light bounces back down on the snake, makes for well lit soft illumination, great for snakes. It also makes for a lot of eye reflection when I get in close like that!

The fist set of photos I took in this thread was in my snake room with direct fluorescent light (no flash).

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There is a certain user @saleengrinch that knows I never sleep well and I am on through the nighttime 11 - 7 lol

And a good morning to you!

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I think the cleanness of his pattern adds to the effect his eye brings though

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This dude is super clean!!! Love it! :fire::fuelpump: