New ball python enclosure!

The new PVC enclosure I ordered in june finally shipped! There was a huge delay(I won’t get into the reason why), but now, it’s on it’s way! It should be here in about a week, I will post a photo of it and the finished scape when it’s done.


Interested to see these as I’m looking for some vivs for my Royals.
I used to have royals in racks. But I know of none ‘big’, as I want them to have a lot of space to explore! Hideyoshi especially is an active boy and enjoys a tall tub (I’m tubs atm) to climb branches! So he would do brill in a tall branched out viv for climbing!
So I’m going to stack vivs for them :grin:
Not even thought about pvc ones!

Always interested in new enclosure designs, especially for snakes.

It’s going to be for my ball python, but I’ll be taking a more australian design approach, so I’ll be utilizing upward facing logs to give it a forest-y look.

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