New bearded dragon keeper!

I’m new to beardies, have loved them from a distance for years, well, this year I decide to get one of my own. I’ve done research on care feeding and lighting requirements, but that only gets me so far! I’m interested in learning all I can from others, I’m a firm believer in learning from experienced owner and breeders!
On a different note; I’m a retired RN that has loved animal all my life!


Welcome to the community! It’s always so awesome to me to hear about the kind of patience and self control people can exhibit when considering obtaining a reptile. This patience demonstrates a good foundation from which you can properly learn to care and nurture your reptiles. The one lesson I would impart on you as someone who has 22 beardies and has kept them most of his life is that food is how you build bonds! Take things slow and do not try and force handling. Teach them to approach you and eat food out of your hands (this takes time). Also misting them is an activity they love and will thank you for it every time you do. Best of luck, I hope for the best for you and your little lizard! Send pictures if you have the time!


Welcome to the community! If you like, you can do a ‘bearded dragon’ search of the forum, and it should bring up relevant material that might be of interest. It’s cool to find another retired medical professional in the hobby; I’m a retired dog/cat veterinarian.


Welcome to the family!

You can also check out the #bearded-dragons tag which is basically its own category :wink: