New bed/ snake enclosure

So I got a new bed with snake enclosures under it both of the enclosures are 41” x51” x 28”
They are for my ball pythons I have not set up the enclosures yet but I’m about to start working on it

It’s not a great photo but it give you an idea of what it looks like


That is the best bed in all of existence. Where did you get it?! I might have to be getting a new bed soon.


My mom and grandpa actually built it and it’s pretty great.


You are really, really, really, really lucky!


Thank you!


I know I am not supposed to cuss but that kicks all kinds of :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: To cool! Looks like you got 2 cages both have access doors in the side? It would work great for adult balls with a few hides and clutter. You should add a led strip light on top for viewing or set on a timer to pop on during the day to really display these! Also how are you going to heat? I’d suggest radiant heat panel on one side of the ceiling on each enclosure, don’t know if you could do under tank or flex watt with that set up. Keep us posted that’s cool. Way to use the useless space under a bed for something cool!


Thank you!! And we are getting some uvb strips to put up on the top and yes both sides have a entrance and we are going to heat it using heating pads but we are going to cover them so they don’t burn the snakes:)


So are you kidding me? :smiley:. That’s totally insane! It’s nothing like I had it pictured in my head! You truly are blessed that your mom and grandpa built that for you! You have a lot of great suggestions from @banereptiles for installing the essentials as well.

I can’t wait until you have it all together and we can see pictures! I’m excited for you! :blush::snake::heart::sunglasses:


That is really cool, cant wait too see it set up.