New book on Ball Pythons! 'The Ball Python Bible'

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The Ball Python Bible is a comprehensive reference guide for the maintenance, care, and breeding of ball pythons. This book is beneficial for individuals at any level of experience with ball pythons, offering rapid access to information on a wide range of topics. It includes charts, tables, Punnett squares, and hundreds of photographs to enhance understanding. An extensive index allows users to easily locate specific topics. Chris van Kalken, the author, boasts a prolific portfolio of publications on the care and breeding of various reptiles. His expertise is rooted in over fifty years of practical experience, supplemented by studies in veterinary medicine and a tenure as an animal technician specializing in reptile care at the Utrecht University Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in the Netherlands.
Dimensions: 7 inches x 10 inches x 1.3 inches. Weight: 1340 grams. Number of pages: 452. Number of images: 350.