New combo ive made this season

I wanted to share this combo with you all, as ive never seen one anywhere with these genes and wondered if anyone as seen one before.

Pairing was a fire leopard mojave pinstripe ph og x cinnamon
I blieve this to be a cinnamon fire leopard mojave pinstripe ph og

Any thoughts/ideas on the combo and/or the genes in the mix id be most appreciated


Wow even if they are all fire, they are much brighter then I would have expected! Especially if cinnamon is in there! They are obviously pins. I would think they would have to be Mojave, and leopard as well since the pattern on the side is so different and almost nonexistent on ear the belly of the snake! I don’t remember seeing anything with all these genes in a pinstripe though so I’ll let others with more pinstripe experience lead on morph identification. Just had to say super bright and pretty pythons! Congratulations!:+1:


closest I see is a pastel fire mojave pinstripe leopard and based on that…
Yeah I think you absolutely hit the fire leopard mojave cinnamon pin on the one.
I think the one with more pattern may be missing fire.

Awesome looking little ones


Thank you very much.

Yes ive been thinking the same thing, with the darker one maybe missing fire.

The whole clutch turned out better than expected tbh truly feeling blessed tbh.


Those guys are phenomenal @adamj328 Adam! And I mean phenomenal! I’m not educated in morphs and combining morphs etc so I can’t comment technically but they look like cotton candy noodles!

And btw welcome to the forum family! This is a wonderful place with wonderful people! Please come back! The more the merrier! Congratulations on your stunning success! :clap::100::star_struck:


Thank you very much, we are super happy with them.

The whole clutch turned out lovely. Been enjoying pushing this project forward. 2 years ago i made the dad who was i fire leopard mojave pinstripe, was hoping to add more genes.
Thanks for having us, I’ll enjoy sharing future clutches with the family.


@adamj328 Thank you for the baby pictures of the whole clutch! We all LOVE baby pictures and adult pictures as well! The whole clutch is phenomenal Adam! Actually I don’t think I could pick 1 over the other!

The group of people who make up this family is here for you in the bad times as well as the good. Just so you know that!

You certainly have a clutch to be proud of Adam! :+1::blush:


Thank you, its always good to know people are there. :grin: