New corn snake breeder please Follow 🙏

Hi my name is kayla i recently started breeding corn snakes im getting really into genetic traits and im intrested in eventually creating my own morph one day please like and follow my store on MorphMarket i have some interesting babies coming reverse okeetee het gold dust camamel
Charcoal het cinder okeetee and much more!Snakes snakes snakes - MorphMarket


Welcome to the forum! Always nice to see other corn snake lovers here.

What exactly is your pairing there?


Welcome! :slight_smile: Pretty RO and Butter. That IS a Butter, right? The eyes looked amel-red in that first pic,


Thank you! The male is reverse okeetee and female is gold dust butter the female is super big now shes just having her pre lay shed then im expecting her to lay her clutch


Thank you! Male is reverse okeetee and the female is gold dust and butter


So golddust is ultramel + caramel and butter is amel + caramel, so she can’t be both. Could you post a close up picture of the eye? It’s hard to tell from a distance whether she has melanin or not.

After we identify her morph, I highly recommend checking out the genetics calculator on MorphMarket or the one on They can definitely help you figure out what babies you could expect from your pairings, but I’ll touch on a couple things here.

Reverse okeetee is a line bred amel, so typically when they’re bred to non-okeetee types, the babies will be kind of in between the parents’ levels of expression. Sincd only one parent is a reverse okeetee, some babies might have thick enough borders to be called okeetees, but probably most will not.

The other thing, which can be kind of complicated, is ultramel. If your girl is indeed a golddust (ultramel caramel), what that actually means is that she’s het amel and het ultra. Ultra and amel reside on the same locus, so if she’s a golddust, then being bred to an amel will produce amels and ultramels. So the babies being ‘het golddust’ isn’t really possible - they will either be amel het caramel or ultramel het caramel. If she’s actually a butter, then all the babies will be amels het caramel. But once your babies hatch, feel free to come back here so we can help you get them all labeled properly.

If I can clarify anything else, please let me know!


Fantastic explanation! Some of this stuff is not so intuitive, but most known corn genetics are not overly complicated, with the possible exception of the sex-linked aspects of Cinder, which appear to vary between lines. Still trying to figure that out myself!