New Crested Owner

Just got crested geckos!! I’ll probably post pictures sometime tomorrow, but being new to the specie I’m not quite certain on their morphs. Anyone have any ideas? And does anyone have tips for their enclosure decor?

I cut up a fake tree and fit it into the tank, as the tank is a 48 gal turned on it’s side. There are plenty of leaves and coverage, and a wetter bark substrate on the ground. I ordered a feeding ledge but they are currently eating on the ground, repashy.

Both are younger, but presumed females and in my opinion they are absolutely gorgeous. They have also been living in groups up to this point in 10 gallons (4-5 lizards per tank) and are relatively the same size. Do you think their housing is will be alright? I can post pictures.

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Housing them together if young and not sexed accurately can be an issue.

If you have two females they may be fine however if you have two males they will fight and if you have a male and a female you do not want your female to become gravid if she is not proper weight.

The tank size may or may not be an issue depending on their respective size, if they are young a small enclosure will be better suited.

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These are my two kiddos, probably females I was told. Looked and I didn’t see any pores but again they’re quite wild because they’re young.

1st and 3rd are the same lizard

2nd and 4th are the same, for some reason it uploaded weird.


The issue with pores it’s not always reliable when you don’t see them which is why breeders will not guarantee an animal as female because they do not see pores.

You have some late bloomers but usually when they are about 25 grams you will know whether they are males or females.

Yeah that’s what I was thinking. If I have to so can get a cage divider, I also have a 20 long in case I need a tank for anything. Fingers crossed though, lol. Here are the pics I took, what do you think as of yet?

A few of the first kid